Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Beginning at the center

November 17, 2004

I was going to write my mother an email about all the knitting I have been doing lately, but decided that a blog would be much more fun. I seem to have taken a year break from knitting (wonder how I survived.) Maybe it was the wedding and the five combined kids. (11 to 16 missing a 14 year old.) But now I am back and as obsessed as ever - projects finished, in the works, ready to be started, just dreamed about.

Recently Finished:

  • Calum (12 yrs) hat – the pumpkin hat in North Carolina colors, white brim and light blue top. Looks cute on him – which is not how a 6th grader wants to look, so…..
  • I made him a beanie in orange, gray and green variegated yarn. Made up the pattern inspired by some ribbing in Nicky Epstein’s book “Edges”. He was going with my ex to visit his grandmother in England so I handed it to him and told him to remember every stitch was made with love. He just about gagged, but he wore it the whole trip.
  • Next Austin (13 yrs) saw Calum’s variegated hat and thought the yarn was cool, could I get it in red and black. (of course not! I combined a predominately red yarn with a strand of black.) Next Riggs saw Austin’s hat and wanted one in green and black variegated yarn. That I have not even been able to come close to even with the five yarn shops I have been to.
  • Last weekend I just finished Clark’s (husband) sweater that I started before my knitting hiatus. Only had half the back and the sleeves to do so it went pretty fast. Just basic everyday sweater in the Jo Sharp Silkroad Tweed, color Potpourri. A gorgeous dark purple. I have got enough yarn to make me a matching shawl someday.
  • My Egyptian hat from Anna Zilboorg’s “45 Fine & Fanciful Hats to Knit” It was fun to make and she follows my mother’s golden rule of multicolored knitting – No more than two colors in a row! I made it out of the Debbie Bliss chasmerino aran . It is all wonderful and soft, but has lead to another project.

    Clark thought the periwinkle blue from the hat was the most wonderful color he as ever seen and sat trying to figure what he wanted me to make from it – hat? fingerless gloves? not a scarf! I decided to decide myself when I was at Lint (a Portland yarn shop) the other day and bought “Filati edition 3 – Best Fashion for Men.” One of the girls in the shop recommended it, said the models were “hot.” Am going to make Clark the Model 29 – sweater with a big chunky cable up the front. Just have to save my pennies and order the yarn.

    It may have to wait a month as I am obsessed with “scarfSTYLE” and am lusting after the color on color scarf. I probably need the yarn for that before Clark’s sweater; after all I just finished a project for him.
    Ok so it is now time for me to get Calum and his friend Will from Arbor School to Athey School for basketball. Pick up Austin and Riggs from Athey, get them home, get Austin to guitar lessons at 5:00 and get to Calum’s basketball game at 5:30. Clark said he would get Austin from guitar at 6:00 so I can stay at the game. Wonder which knitting project I should work on while I watch????


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