Monday, November 22, 2004

Trips and Knits

November 22, 2004

Gavin needed to get to his dad's house this afternoon to pick up things he forgot yesterday. Told him if he drove it was fine with me (he has his learners permit, not a license.) I would ride along and knit. Earlier I rode along while Clark was driving, looking for car parts, first for our Suburban which is not running right, second for his ex-wife's car, which died last night.

First trip I started a little watch cap for Clark. Just some dark olivie green 4 ply wool in a 1 x 1 rib. Cast on on the way to Oregon City, stayed in the car and got a couple of rows done while Clark was in the car parts store and tried it on his head when we got home, so at least I know it will fit. Knitting it on two circular needles, only way to knit in the round!!!

Second trip I was working on my Obi sweater from Simple Knits. When I started the back last week I wanted to get one stripe done a day - but there are twenty rows and 224 stitches a row. It just has not happen, but I have made good progress, finished my fourth row a few minutes ago.

Image Hosted by

Have also been working on learning Entrelac, and worked a small piece in Noro - it is so cool how the colored squares come out.

Image Hosted by
A friend told me it was addicting and it is. Started with the ScarfStyle book and had a little trouble figuring it out - so searched on google and figured it out - just forgot to make the first little triangle. But also read how it was really easy if you knitted backward, so I also tried that.

Was working on this scarf thing this weekend with 25 stitches in a row and had Clark time if it was faster to turn and purl or to knit backward - and backward won. I think for longer rows it is still quicker to purl.

Quiet night tonight, Gavin at swim team practice, Calum at a friends for the night, and Kinne, Austin and Riggs at their godparents. Seems strange after a crazy weekend with kids in and out.

Guess I had best stop looking for a newsboy cap pattern, quit reading knitting blogs and forums and get dinner made....


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