Monday, December 27, 2004

After Christmas

December 27, 2004

Well Christmas day is done - but we have another Christmas to go, cause step-kids were in LA with their mom. So we get to do it all over again. Still have shopping to do!!!

No kids in the house right now, as it is my ex's week. Luckily he is leaving town half way through his week and Gavin and Calum will be back here early. The house always feels empty with no kids, (as I say that one of the cats walks under my legs rubbing his tail against me. DH says that is how he says "I am here and I love you mom.") Funny when the kids are all awake bopping round the house, its great; but I love the time in the morning when I am the only one up and can sit and knit, and know they are all tucked up in there beds.

This morning I am here on the computer. Will just run down and take a picture of the Vegan Fox I finished last night.

Image Hosted by
<br />

DH kept asking who it was for and I kept saying I don't know - which I finally decided means "Probably for me, but if I can't pull it off Danielle can use it next time she gets dressed up and comes over."

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<br />

Think it would go well with the blonde hair.

But this morning I have a hard choice - as I love to knit in the morning. Somehow it is one of the few times I just knit. Usually knit in the car, in front of the tv, at swim meets, usually while something else is going on. Mornings I just knit and it is nice to just focus on one thing. That certianly doesn't happen much during the day. But this morning I may want to stick my nose back in the book I started at midnight.

I think it was last August I picked up a copy of "The Time Traveler's Wife" anmd in perusing other knitting blogs have run across several references to it. So when DH fell asleep last night I started, only on page 12 but I love it, the writing and the whole concept of over lapping lives.

But now just noticed the time and have to run for my Monday morning knitting group at Lets Do Coffee. Usually it is just Kaye and Me, but last week I think we picked up another member and maybe LeAnne can meet today since she is off this week. So much for reading - guess I will have to knit and talk.


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