Saturday, December 11, 2004

Busy Busy Week

December 11, 2004

I don't really know where the week went, but to say the least it has been kind of stressful. But good things happen in the midst of the swirls. Best of all my neighbor's 1 year old had a successful Kidney transplant yesterday. Youngest child ever in Oregon to undergo a Kidney transplant. Makes all of the trials of my life seem small.

Good knitting week! Finished the Kitty Pi. Three skeins of Lambs Pride Bulky from my stash. (I love it when I can use stash yarn) Finished Joyce's Christmas shawl. It was a struggle. In the end I didn't like the combination of yarns and I think it would have looked better if the green garter stitch was to a tighter gauge. Oh Well, it is done and she will love it. Finished the Entrelac felted bag and it is great how it turned out. After Christmas I will post a picture.

Started the Clapotis Scarf in a light grey tweed from Elesbeth Lavlod. I love the feel of it. Wanted it to scrunch up around my neck and so far so good.

Am going to frog the Farrow Rib scarf I was working on for Christmas, only had about 6 inches done and changed my mind on the pattern.

It is just starting to get light so I will try to take pictures of the finished projects, will post later. Now Pip the cat is trying to sit on my arm and is making it hard to type. Think I will run see if he will pose in the Kitty bed!!!


Blogger LeAnne said...

So are you doing the Banff in your Noro and not in the brown stuff you showed me the other day??

10:00 AM  
Blogger LeAnne said...

I added your blog to my Cool Knitblogs list!

4:24 PM  
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