Thursday, December 23, 2004

Finally a Tree

December 23, 2004

Gavin and Clark have spent the last two days looking for the perfect Christmas tree. I think they just liked driving around together, talking about life and stuff. Today they headed out determined to get a tree for a reasonable price. I headed to the mall - YUCK!!!, but necessary. After the mall I headed to Michaels to see if they had fur for the vegan fox. Somewhere back in the yarn section my phone rang, Gavin wanted to know when I would be home. Told me they got a tree, but it was only 8 feet tall and by the time they cut some off it might be 7. (We have a two story ceiling in the living room and were looking for a tall tree.) I told him it didn't matter, we had to have a tree. He called me four more times before I got home to see where I was, tell me Clark needed Coors and they needed me to help get the tree straight and they were sorry it was so small.

I arrived home to see this tree propped upright out side and the two boys (Clark and Gavin) standing by it with HUGE grins, I did not get out of the car before Gavin burst out laughing "we really got you this time!" - like that is a hard thing to do.

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I think this is the prettiest tree I have ever had, and I just wish that Kinne, Austin and Riggs were here to see it right now. But they are in L.A. with their real mom for Christmas - don't worry guys it will still be here when you get home.


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