Monday, December 20, 2004

Knitting fever

December 20, 2004

Have been fast and furiously finishing Christmas presents. Mom's FedEx-ed off to New York today (upstate!) . Debbie's done, blocked and ready to wrap. Took Joyce her shawl and she loved it. Called yesterday to tell me know much she appreciated it, she is in the nursing home after breaking her hip at Thanksgiving. Said her hands get cold and she wraps the shawl around them. So of course I wonder if I can get a pair of fingerless mittens done by Christmas.

Finished my Obi sweater, will try to get a picture. Like it - but with the weird shape you can't just throw it on and go, you have to think about it. Looks gorgeous with a straight black dress, but too dressy for most days.

Busy trying to get an entrelac pillow done, as I am teaching a class in that at the cozy Ewe in mid January. Want to get the pillow, a scarf and maybe a bag done so everyone can see and sign up for the class.

Almost done with the front of the Banff sweater. That is my mindless project right now. Knit at swim meets and basketball games.

Now I am off to crawl in bed and read "The Shop on Blossom Street." Fun because it is a knitting novel.

Think tomorrow I will start sweater with the Debbie Bliss Merino Aran in black. Need the basic just bum around sweater. But maybe try to get Clark's watch cap done without him knowing - Gavin says that would be impossible. Clark really does notice what I am knitting!


Blogger LeAnne said...

You are a knitting goddess! Are you using the Noro for your Banff or the elann stuff?

9:21 AM  
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