Sunday, December 05, 2004

Quiet Weekend

December 5, 2004

Very quiet weekend – so I went on a production knitting kick!!! Finished my Newsie Cap – from Stitch N Bitch Nation. Have wanted to try it since I saw the pattern.

Image Hosted by

Turned out cute – even the Gavin at 16 said so. Clark calls it my hippie hat.

Saturday mostly worked on a bag to be felted for a Christmas present, some on Joyce’s shawl. Although it doesn’t thrill me, she will like it so I plug away.

Have been drooling over looking at the Banff sweater pattern from Dug through my stash and found enough of this Noro to make it.

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Really wanted to sit down this morning and do a gauge swatch but the kitchen was a mess –

Image Hosted by

So I knitted two rows cleaned a little, knitted a few more rows. Can only get to 13 stitched and inch so think I will just make the smaller size used 10 needles and do 12 per inch. Have to start in secret cause DH doesn’t really understand having a million knitting projects going at once. (really doesn’t mind just teases me about it.


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