Thursday, December 30, 2004

Thinking Through the Looking Glass

December 30, 2004

Clapotis is done, late last night and I love this scarf. It is perfect. Went to bed with it around my neck and looks wonderful with my pjs. What shall I wear today to show it off. (Of course pictures of it will come soon. ) It also has me thinking about knitting and what turns out best and why. Unknit yarn is such a visual and tactual thing that usually I fall in love with a yarn and then knit it up. Sometimes I fall in love with a pattern then have to find yarn I love to go with it. But I think I have to change that.

With Clapotis, I loved the pattern and really thought about what I would wear as a finished product. And in the end I loved the finished scarf. Maybe it was one of those perfect combinations, but I think that an eye to the end will make me really love more of what I do. I suppose it is like clothes shopping, in middle age I finally look at what I love, what looks good on me - then the bottom line after that is will I love to wear it. The first two do not always lead to the second. Like my OBI sweater. I love the sweater, sometimes it looks good on me -depending what I pair it with, but I am not sure I love to wear it.

So Kate over at Needles on Fire is making a list of what she would change in 2005 and for knitting

1. I want to go to a three step process a) love the pattern, b) love the yarn, c)think about if I will love and use the finished project.

2. See if I can knit for a very upscale local dress shop

3. Somehow work into math, knitting,wearable art and making money

4. Use some old stash yarn, so I can acquire new stash yarn.

5. will have to keep thinking and adding to this.

Also, what I want to do for the New Year is leave some things behind. Once I was given a ritual where I really sat down and thought how I wanted my life to change. In doing that there were things I wanted to leave behind. I wrote them on a piece of paper and around sunset on Dec 31, I took a match and burned them. I think this year I will do that , then sit down and write what I want to add to my life, roll that one up and keep it.


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I love your changes and thoughts about the New Year. You have really got me thinking. I WANT TO SEE CLAPOTIS!!

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