Tuesday, January 25, 2005

O-Rings and Pillow Dreams

Still in my Vicodin haze. My dentist can fit me in February 9th – guess I mean my ex dentist. Little knitting got done over the past two days. Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Did finish the back of my Entrelac pillow with Domino Squares. I being the fuss budget (where did my mom get that word from?) I am, am not totally happy with the back. Don’t like one of the seams. Did the squares in the wrong order and instead of picking up 55 stitches on the insides to make the last square I had to pick up one side, CO one side then K2T on the inside. And of course I notice when it is done. Yes I know no one else will. So if I can keep from true confessions everyone else will love it. Am busy stitching the front and back together, cause I still want to get it to the store today. In the end, it does look good and will be ooohed and ahhhhed over and I had another lesson in not liking to knit for the home. Clothes it is, if you can’t wear it, it drives me nuts to knit it. (Bags count as being able to wear.)

Have to run take a picture of the pillow (and Aibhlinn). Okay now I have to run back down with the camera battery and take a picture. Funny how they don’t work too well when you leave the battery out.

Do you know the stitch marker trick? Image Hosted by ImageShack.usI read it from someone online and it turns Aibhlinn into a really mindless knit. With a two-row pattern you attach two different stitch markers together and switch depending on the row. So for Aibhlinn, I know the green stitch marker is the row I switch the pattern and the black mark is the row I knit just like the one before. From whomever I learned that “Bless you my child.” It has made my knitting life easier. Note the little black ring is a small O-ring from my local hardware store. I bought about 30 of them over the weekend. I like how they feel on the needles. I am going to try some beading on them. Do you think I can make them pretty?

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usNow I am off to do something fun, cause I am a very touchy girl right now and I don’t like being that way. Finish pillow and take it in to the store see how many have signed up for pillow class, and market bag class, find some hot pink yarn to make D the Kristina Bag for Valentine’s Day. (And maybe even get DH to take me out for a beer.)


Blogger LeAnne said...

Beer and vicodin, woman you really know how to live!!! Let me know how many signed up at Lindy's!

9:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know this might be dumb, but explain the stitch marker trick to me please... do you switch it when you come to it? And if you do that doesn't it goof you up for the rest of the row - or is it at the beginning of the row? Can you tell I tend to over-think things?


10:25 PM  
Blogger 1nderlandwoman said...

I think it is more likely that I didn't provide a clear explaintion. I put the stitch marker at the begining of the row. I remember which color tell me to change and when I switch to that color I make sure to change my pattern.

For the pattern I am working on now, every other row the K3 P3 pattern shifts left one stitch. So when I am knitting along and see that the the black ring is on the needle, I know the row I am working on is the same as the one before. so when I come up to the stitch marker (at the begining of the row), I put the green on on the needle and shift the pattern.
Currently I am knitting in the round so the stitch marker marks the begining of the row. If I was knitting a flat piece I might put the marker between the first and second stitch.

Hope that is clearer

8:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a fabulous idea! I have any number of sock patterns that vex me that way. It would work for many multiples in lace as well, 3 row, 4 rows, I can see me dangling a whole chain of markers, getting them caught in subway doors, strangers stepping on them. But seriously, thanks for the tip!

9:32 AM  
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