Wednesday, February 02, 2005

2 Days Out of Touch

It doesn’t sound like long, but the whole family was off the Internet for two whole days. From Sunday night to Tuesday night, and the kids were off school Monday. Almost forgot we had so many and had certainly forgotten what they looked like. But in the end the change in ISPs and the upgrade of the DSL will make them all happier.

But no Blogging, and I couldn’t even complain, because how could I say in that voice like my mother’s “You spend too much time on the Internet any way,” if I was admitting my withdrawal problems. And I had so much to post.

Image Hosted by Last week, Michelle, at The Orange Yarn Please RAOKed me, my very first time. Look at this card is it the cutiest thing. And she sent me pretty stitch markers, which I can't photograph cause they are marking the sides of my dull black sweater. I think her and I are kindred spirits joined by orange. I went running out to the back yard where DH and 16yr S were and they looked at each other and asked “Is this a Cult?” Hummm, maybe it is, no, more like a commune. Then when I finally checked my email I was ROAKed by Lisa the Slip Knot Pixie, she sent me a gift certificate to Adiago Teas, which is like a triple gift, finding a place like Adagio, spending forever perusing their offerings, and then getting to sit and drink the tea. Or wait maybe she read my post about the kids and has a really wicked sense of humor - come on Lisa fess up, we are all waiting to know.


Blogger LeAnne said...

I love that card! Thanks for the knitting last night.

8:44 AM  
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