Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Absolution for a Friend

(pre cursor to Original Post - my friend LeAnne sometimes feels like she has too many WIP, I think that how ever many you have is the right amount. She feels she should try to knit one thing from start to finish - I never had a burning desire to do that - yet recently I did it with Audrey. So we were talking about it and I wanted to make a little joke out of knitting Audrey non-stop, I don't think it was an accomplishment - just what happened - but I can tell from the comment that my post didn't come across that way. - Please read this as friendly banter between friends, and my way of justifying LeAnne and I switching from project to project, not as definitive rules to knit by.)

Original Post

Yesterday LeAnne and I had a discussion about working on a sweater from start to finish without picking up another piece. I did my Audrey that way and LeAnne thinks it is something to strive for, I think it is sick. She asked me why I did it, and I had to stop and think. Knitting a sweater start to finish has never been one of my lifetime goals. In the end I did it because I wasn’t really happy with other things I was knitting, and I really liked how it was turning out.

So in my mind there are very few reasons to knit one item start to finish without picking up another. First, cause you have a last minute gift that you really should have started two weeks earlier and now you are screwed and have to put down all the fun projects to get this one done. Second for purely selfish reasons, you just don’t feel like working on something else and want some new clothes.

So LeAnne, I do not think working on one project is a sign of accomplishment or organization, I think it is poor planning and self-indulgence.

FYI – new Yarnland service – if you need justification for almost anything - come to me I will help! Now let me go back to Rachel, Shapely T, Clapotis, Lucy Bag, Market Square bag, and ………

P.S. The thrill of the day - This is the first day cool enough to wear Audrey since I finished it. And yes I have it on.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow - I think maybe you're being a little harsh. There are people who enjoy having multiple projects going on at once, and people who enjoy the process of working on one thing at a time, from start to finish (and that applies to more than just knitting). That doesn't make one method any better than the other - it's just what suits each particular person. I've been known to work on one project from start to finish just because that's what I'm most interested in doing, and then move on to a pair or trio of projects that I work on all together. It really just is up to how I feel.

Seems to me like there should be room for both strategies. After all, when I learned to knit, I don't recall anyone handing me a list of rules that says that a knitter must always have more than one project on the needles at once. ;-)


10:38 AM  
Blogger 1nderlandwoman said...

Oh my did this post turn out wrong, I am going back to edit it. - Please reread and realize that it was a complete joke, not rules for knitting. You who read me should know I do not believe in rules and if there were any, I would probably delight in breaking them.

4:59 PM  
Blogger Yarngirl said...

Don't worry - I got that you were making a joke the first time I read it. Sometimes people take things the wrong way because when something is in print, they don't really catch the tone it was intended in. I'm sure your intention wasn't to offend anyone and knitters are the most understanding lot around!

4:01 AM  
Anonymous Jenipurr said...

A very belated final response (been busy). Sorry for jumping to conclusions - when you added the little explanation at the top I felt a little silly for having jumped on it in the first place (grin).

2:29 PM  
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