Saturday, March 19, 2005

Weather or Not

I know we have all been talking about the weather, but here in Oregon we had 70 degrees for about two weeks, and just today rain and 48 degrees came in.

Here is this mornings weather conversation between me and DH:

me 'what do you think the weather is going to do?'
DH 'rain today, and tomorrow.'
me 'what about early next week?'
DH 'the air is pretty unstable so it may stay bad.'
me 'good. I am going to finish my sweater this week end and I want to wear it.'
DH 'honey, you can always turn on the air conditioning.'

Isn't he just the perfect knitters husband!

Tomorrow maybe he will take pictures of me in it.


Blogger said...

oh what perfect words to hear when finishing a new sweater. i mean you just gotta wear it..if only for a little bit.

3:49 PM  
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