Tuesday, April 05, 2005


I love getting to know other knitters/bloggers, so here we go, I am asking the questions you have to follow the links to the answers:

For Heatherly (I love that name - it is like a color or a feeling - it is going to be a heatherly kind of day - maybe that is what we should call a day with lots of knitting.)

  1. Obviously religion plays a major roll in your life – but you have this mix of Jewish and Baptist how did it come about and how does it translate to daily (or weekly) life.
  2. With everyone to knit for, how do you decide what to knit for whom?
  3. Do you let your kids pick out what you will knit for them? (This is a two-part question and I say it only counts as one!!!) And if you do, do you find they have problems making the mental/creative leap from a picture to imagining what the real item will be like?
  4. I am impressed by your knitting in relation to how long you have been knitting – so tell me about how and why you learned to knit, then what makes you such and adventurous knitter?
  5. And you have to tell all of us how you ever find time to knit with all the other stuff going on in your life?

For another Alice (love this name too – oh is it mine, but can we share?) think about these and answer, tears don’t show on the computer and maybe it will provide a little diversion.

  1. Tell me at least three of the nicknames that go with Alice that people have come up with for you over your life? (alas alas its all ass alass and ally ally bowling ally were two of mine)
  2. You design your own knitwear and patterns; some knitters are most comfortable with knitting from a pattern with the recommended yarn. What do you think gives you the courage to design and create what you want?
  3. Where do you get most of your yarn and why? What is it about the shop (on or off line) you like best?
  4. Besides conversations on the train – do you knit with others? If you do – when and how did it start? If not – why not?
  5. How do you deal with those people that sneer at knitting when you are knitting in public?

Now the rest of you have to watch their blogs and wait for the answers and while you are waiting have a heatherly day.


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