Monday, June 20, 2005

Tangled up in green?

So we are here, Tangle, in and open. What fun that the first people through the door Friday were DonnaLee and Patty that knew about Tangle cause they read my blog. Several others through the last few days wandered in from blog land. Some admitted it, some didn't. How fun is it to really meet cyber people. I took this great picture of DonnaLee and Patty - and deleted it from my camera today. To day is computer from hell day!!! Why does Quick Books think I have hundreds of workstations tied to the server when I only have two computers?

So computers be damed here are pictures

Image Hosted by

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It is a little scary, lot of fun - best of all is spending all day with knitters.

What am I knitting? - well nothing that is listed in my side bar. I am halfway through the Scarf Style Touch Me scarf. Made a shawl out of Midas Touch for the shop and am really trying to figure out what do do with one or two balls of the Classic Elite Obsession Any ideas?

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Watching paint dry

Once upon a time there was a girl named Alice, she followed a sheep in through a yarn store door and was never heard from again. Oh wait a minute, here I am, found my way back up from the build out and think the 18 hour days may be at end, or maybe just changing from building to stocking.

But the build out is done, with master minding from my dear husband, a ton of help from the 16 year old and bits and pieces from the rest of the family. Cement overlay was done last Saturday, stained Sunday night, sealed Monday waxed Tuesday and shelves delivered yesterday. Right now I am waiting for the building inspector and trying to figure out how to organize all the yarn I have in boxes in the storeroom. Really I just need a nap, but I want to sew the second side on the bag I made out of Noro Daria – it is so cool! Have you seen that stuff? Have to find another skein cause I want the handle longer – will just have to cut it and graft on cause I am not unsewing the one side that is on to get at the strap seam.

Well the camera is at home and the photo editing program is there too, so you will just have to wait for pictures – or all you Portland people can come in a week – June 17th and visit me. If you find me here make sure you tell me you are a Yarnland friend

But I can find pictures of a great book that came in today, there are so many cool things in this book.
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I am going to try some of the knitted beaded wire napkin rings.

Now I have to go wax the bathroom floors.