Friday, September 23, 2005

Who was I then?

June? was the last post really in June? Maybe I should start over - new blog, cause I think I am a new person, but the thread that holds the then me to the now me is the yarn, knit continually, sometimes frogged, sometimes tinked, but there. We do knit through the pieces of our life. It is constant.

I am sorry for disappearing from your view, but I do think I had to cocoon for a while, more than the shop keeping me busy, there were changes in me that had to metamorphose. Sometimes years and relationships take us to our knees. Guess I understood the relationship part quicker than I remembered the confidence part. But a really good man walked me through both. He loved me and knew I could do what I wanted. Guess the last 6 months helped me to believe him.

So how is Tangle, it is great, fun, pretty. Yarn is wonderful, but then you know that. Knitters are wonderful and everyday I am touched by how lucky I am. It is like having old friends and new friends for an endless dinner party.

And Knitting, Kalani got me to do lace and I am in love. Started with the green shawl in the Vogue Fall 2005 made from Karabella Margrite, doesn’t matter what it looks like, it is soooo soft. On my fourth repeat of Kiri, planning to make the WrapStyle Shetland Triangle for my ex mother-in-law for Christmas. I have never been a lacy girl, so where did this come from?

Made a list today of my (active) projects and I promise pictures, if I can remember to bring in my camera.

Now life goes on and I have to get to Friday night football.