Friday, September 23, 2005

Who was I then?

June? was the last post really in June? Maybe I should start over - new blog, cause I think I am a new person, but the thread that holds the then me to the now me is the yarn, knit continually, sometimes frogged, sometimes tinked, but there. We do knit through the pieces of our life. It is constant.

I am sorry for disappearing from your view, but I do think I had to cocoon for a while, more than the shop keeping me busy, there were changes in me that had to metamorphose. Sometimes years and relationships take us to our knees. Guess I understood the relationship part quicker than I remembered the confidence part. But a really good man walked me through both. He loved me and knew I could do what I wanted. Guess the last 6 months helped me to believe him.

So how is Tangle, it is great, fun, pretty. Yarn is wonderful, but then you know that. Knitters are wonderful and everyday I am touched by how lucky I am. It is like having old friends and new friends for an endless dinner party.

And Knitting, Kalani got me to do lace and I am in love. Started with the green shawl in the Vogue Fall 2005 made from Karabella Margrite, doesn’t matter what it looks like, it is soooo soft. On my fourth repeat of Kiri, planning to make the WrapStyle Shetland Triangle for my ex mother-in-law for Christmas. I have never been a lacy girl, so where did this come from?

Made a list today of my (active) projects and I promise pictures, if I can remember to bring in my camera.

Now life goes on and I have to get to Friday night football.

Monday, June 20, 2005

Tangled up in green?

So we are here, Tangle, in and open. What fun that the first people through the door Friday were DonnaLee and Patty that knew about Tangle cause they read my blog. Several others through the last few days wandered in from blog land. Some admitted it, some didn't. How fun is it to really meet cyber people. I took this great picture of DonnaLee and Patty - and deleted it from my camera today. To day is computer from hell day!!! Why does Quick Books think I have hundreds of workstations tied to the server when I only have two computers?

So computers be damed here are pictures

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

It is a little scary, lot of fun - best of all is spending all day with knitters.

What am I knitting? - well nothing that is listed in my side bar. I am halfway through the Scarf Style Touch Me scarf. Made a shawl out of Midas Touch for the shop and am really trying to figure out what do do with one or two balls of the Classic Elite Obsession Any ideas?

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Watching paint dry

Once upon a time there was a girl named Alice, she followed a sheep in through a yarn store door and was never heard from again. Oh wait a minute, here I am, found my way back up from the build out and think the 18 hour days may be at end, or maybe just changing from building to stocking.

But the build out is done, with master minding from my dear husband, a ton of help from the 16 year old and bits and pieces from the rest of the family. Cement overlay was done last Saturday, stained Sunday night, sealed Monday waxed Tuesday and shelves delivered yesterday. Right now I am waiting for the building inspector and trying to figure out how to organize all the yarn I have in boxes in the storeroom. Really I just need a nap, but I want to sew the second side on the bag I made out of Noro Daria – it is so cool! Have you seen that stuff? Have to find another skein cause I want the handle longer – will just have to cut it and graft on cause I am not unsewing the one side that is on to get at the strap seam.

Well the camera is at home and the photo editing program is there too, so you will just have to wait for pictures – or all you Portland people can come in a week – June 17th and visit me. If you find me here make sure you tell me you are a Yarnland friend

But I can find pictures of a great book that came in today, there are so many cool things in this book.
Image Hosted by

I am going to try some of the knitted beaded wire napkin rings.

Now I have to go wax the bathroom floors.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

What to do

You know my postings have been few and far between lately. There is a reason. I really wanted to keep my blog separate from the knitting store's blog. But sometime this afternoon as I was reading yours, I realized that my life right now revolves aroung Tangle Knitting Studio and if I am going to blog more than once a week, it will have to have shop talk. So if you get bored let me know. I suspect that the love of yarn will carry us through. After all, I know you guys understand, even if DH is gapping as he writes the check for Addi Turbos, one small box, four digits on the check. "Sweetie, you just don't understand, these are the best." But you know it is a great day when you get your first boxes of yarn, the UPS driver says "I can't wait for you to open, I called my friend last night and we are so excited." as she unloads your first 10 boxes of yarn.

Lucky for me my DH is understanding (even if he doesn't understand,) as I have this HUGE grin on my face holding up bags of this incredible pink angora Maggi Knits yarn. DH is happy cause I am so thrilled.

Sorry guys it will have to be shop talk. Pictures tomorrow. Also picutes of the wonderful Secret Pal presents. She was so good to me, and really sent me perfect things, yarn I had never heard of, two books, and other goodies. Secret Pal stuff tomorrow and maybe bales of Manos thrown in too.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

New Finds

Has it really been over a week since I put up and entry? I have done hardly any knitting, just lots of dreaming about yarn. Sometime toward the end of last week I realize I wasn't knitting anything I liked. The baby blanket from my kids to my ex's assisstant at, that I hired years ago, and haven't seen in just a few less. The homespun afghan for S#3 (remember the pink sock boy - one is missing), a sweater out of the Phildar spring magazine that the guage is right and the weight what was recommended, but I just don't like the drape of the kni, too loose. Those ladder yarn scarfs for a friend. Nothing was rocking my world. So I am just ignoring all those WIP, pretending they don't exist. And started Donna from Magknits in Cascade Fixation, bright turquoise, this I like. Thinking of the buttonhole bag, one green with pink polka dots and one pink with green polka dots out of Manos, cause I love how it felts.

And in the middle of the night worrying that I may miss some absolutely critical yarn for the shop. Wondering if I can carry Karabella,(want to make pattern 295 in Margritte) Cashsoft and Lang and no Debbie Bliss and Rowan, maybe Jo Sharpe. 3 am this morning after laying there with the yarn worries for a while I just got up, made my camamile tea and knit the Fixation. Have you knit with that yarn. I love the stretch of it. Feels really nice and the texture is great. I promise I will post a picture tomorrow.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Buttonholes and Heaven

I know I have been pretty quiet lately.In the priorities of knitting, family, reading blogs, business, working on my blog, writing mine seems to be at the bottom. But I have been lurking on your in silence. Thanks for not being like me, quiet.Lets take my life in order:

Knitting:Five felted bags – four buttonhole, one cross between Sophie and buttonhole with a ruffle thrown in. In my neighborhood we have a girls women’s birthday dinner twice or three times a year. So we are celebrating Debbie, Judy, Beth and Karen’s birthdays tonight. Just finished Beth’s bag this morning (do you think she will mind that it is still wet?).
Image Hosted by ImageShack.usHers is the red Sophie hybrid. She has an 18 month old and I think that requires a handle that goes over the arm. The black and pink fuzzy reminds me of some beast that might hide under a child’s bed. (You can tell that it doesn’t rock my world.) The sea foam, lavender and butter one is nice colors, but I don’t like the shape – I double stranded on the bottom and not the sides – think it lost that great shape.

Family: DH has been sick for a week so I am hopping with all the kids etc. (And the room got cleaned, before the boyfriend came over)

Reading Blogs: I keep up with you, every morning, my home page is my blog lines, thanks for keeping me entertained and motivated.

Image Hosted by
Lease negotiated and gets signed next week. Still aiming to open May.
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Do you know what heaven is? Spending a morning with Kym from Knitting Fever looking at yarns and putting together an order. I love the Maggi Knits stuff – what fun to see real art in knitting patterns, why didn’t I look at her stuff before?

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Haunted by a mother's words

I know I should tell you about the knitting I am doing, two buttonhole bags, lucky clover sweater, but I just have to know what you would do with this.

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Mom was my room this bad at 15?